You’ve found a committed team of exceptionally well-trained counselors who will you get you the relief you deserve. When you first arrive, you'll experience a warm, supportive environment; when you're ready to depart, you'll feel whole again, and equipped to handle life’s roughest moments. In between arrival and departure, you'll be attended to by caring people operating an extraordinary counseling practice.

We invite you to call so we can explain how we can help. We'll set you up with just the right therapist who'll support you with your specific issues. Here's a small sample of some of the many ways our team of therapists can help:


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  • Individuals

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    If you’re depressed, we teach surprisingly effective treatments to reclaim energy and vitality, and we work together until you feel whole again. If you’re anxious, we show you powerful skills to reclaim feelings of calm and relaxation, and we help you put these skills into action. Whatever the issue, you’ll experience sessions tailored specifically for you, designed to address and resolve what’s troubling you.


  • Couples


    If conflict is keeping your relationship down, we teach you to handle disagreements in a healthy, caring way that cements your connection. If your relationship is suffering from unresolved wounds or broken trust, we support healing for these hurts so you can recreate the closeness you're both waiting for. We'll address and resolve the couples' issues troubling you both: In the end, you'll enjoy the rich relationship you deserve.


  • Families


    If a failure to communicate is creating familial rifts, we'll teach you an array of positive ways to talk with each other. If anger or resentment are keeping your family apart, we'll teach you to understand one another and show you how to be supportive even when you disagree. Through collaboration with the entire family, each member will leave equipped with improved communication and coping skills, allowing your family to thrive.